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While specialising in location photography, at home and abroad, our wide-ranging experience sees us in much demand across the construction, manufacturing and property sectors and amongst others, tourism, heritage, news / sport, and corporate events.
A blue-chip client list features many well-known names. These include state and semi-state bodies as well as publicly quoted and private companies.
A commitment to excellence is reflected in the use of top-quality equipment and materials. By working closely with clients and through our wealth of experience, a spirit of partnership underscores our relationship with clients.
While Photogroup's images have been widely reproduced in annual reports, corporate brochures, web sites, exhibitions, together with sales presentations and displays, it is our investment in the state of the art digital camera mast technology that sets us apart from the competition.
With the camera mast, the client is provided with specialist expertise in low altitude aerial photography using a telescopic mast.
This cutting edge technology is mounted on a vehicle and operated from ground level by remote control. Extending up to 12m / 40ft, it offers you unrivalled imagery with minimal disruption.

We have photographed client projects and with these images have helped them achieve Irish and European accolades.